Who He Is

August 25, 2007

Romans 11

There were a lot of thoughts running through my head as I was working on this sermon. Thoughts about how we tend to make this whole Christian journey about us. Thoughts about how we look at standards and ourselves and about how we standardize our behavior and then declare that to be Christianity. The simple truth is that we are not called to do this as Christians. As Christians we are called to reveal God to the world. It is not about us, then; it is about Him. It's a paradigm shift in thought for the modern Christian. We look at our behavior and we order our lives a certain way to make sure we fit the Christian standard, but honesty and a deep searching of the heart will reveal that such activity is typically motivated by self-preservation and not love for God. God calls us higher. He calls us to stop being so self-absorbed and to become God-absorbed; for, after all, it is only by seeing Him that we can even hope to become changed.