May 5, 2012

I Peter 2:9–12

What are some ways that we can live as God’s special people while passing through this world today?

“Christ has said, ‘Ye shall be witnesses unto me.’ You are to hold forth the word of life, to let your light so shine before men that they, seeing your good works, may glorify your Father who is in heaven. The confession of the church, the declaration of the evidences of God’s truth, love, faithfulness, and power, are chosen agencies of heaven to reveal Christ’s pardoning love to the world. The testimonies of the people of God, when impressed by his Spirit, convict men of the sin of neglecting so great salvation. While men who are converted to God acknowledge his power through patriarchs and prophets, they have a more interesting testimony to bear concerning the miracles of the grace of Christ, the ever-living Saviour, in their present and personal experiences. These precious acknowledgments of the goodness, forbearance, and love of God, when accompanied by a consistent life, carry with them an irresistible power, that results in the salvation of souls.” Review & Herald, February 19, 1889.

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