Get Faith

March 29, 2008

Romans 14:12

We have made it to the “infamous” chapter of Romans: Romans 14. It is from Romans 14 that many sincere and well-meaning Christians believe they are granted freedom to eat anything on the planet and freedom to call any day sacred that they wish. Romans 14 is often used as a “proof text” to say that consuming unclean meat is sanctioned in the word of God and that the sabbath is no longer a prescribed day to hold sacred but that we can each determine what day we choose to hold sacred, willy nilly.

If you were to study Romans 14, you would soon realize that the point and underlying principles of the chapter have nothing to do with the sabbath and sacred days and even less to do with whether we can eat unclean meat or not. In this sermon we take an introductory view of the foundational principles of the chapter, and having done so we will better understand what Paul is writing in this often misunderstood section of the letter to the Romans.