The Christian Standard: An Introduction

September 1, 2007

Romans 12:1–3

This sermon in the series from the letter to the Romans serves as an introduction to the idea of the “Christian standard”. Because I have heard this from so many points of view that were contrary to the scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy, this was a hard sermon to preach.

I have heard many people declare that living perfect, sin free lives is the point of Christian perfection. I have heard many people declare that the Adventist health message is the point of Christian perfection. I have heard so many variations on the same theme that it is amazing how many people define it differently or cannot define it at all. Essentially most Adventists have settled into that frame of mind. It’s either the keeping of God's commandments and living perfectly sin-free lives, or it is having the right diet. You will hear a multitude of variations of emphasis, but primarily in those two areas.

I believe I was fortunate to not grow up as a member of the church. This has caused me to study for myself what the scripture says and what Ellen White says about being “perfect”. What I discovered is that the majority of the voices I have heard in Adventist circles over the last 10 years of my life really have no idea what the Bible says about Christian perfection and the standards of the church, and I wonder how many of the voices I have not heard also subscribe to the wrong understanding.