Christian Perfection: The Gifts

September 8, 2007

Romans 12:4–8

This sermon is a continuation of what was presented the week before, with a more in-depth look at the purpose of spiritual gifts and how they relate to Christian perfection, spiritual growth, unity of the church, and fulfilling the mission of the church. In my study, I was intrigued to discover just how important these gifts are in relation to the desires most pastors have for their churches and equally disturbed by the fact that very little emphasis seems to be placed upon them by those pastors. In the process of my own study, dicovery, and conviction, I am convinced that spiritual gifts are not an option for church leaders to address but a foundational principle that requires addressing. If we would have God’s vision for His church become a reality, we must use that which He has given to bring it to pass. I see no alternative available to us.